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Indecium 2016 Predictions: Fixing Virtual Silos and Securing the New Virtual IT

There are two major areas where things are going to evolve rapidly in 2016.

First, in past legacy enterprise configurations, internal applications became silo’d as workflow and business needs evolved. Tremendous effort went into Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) to “glue” applications and data together to meet the needs of the business.  As apps have evolved and continue to move to the cloud, SaaS providers (who are by their nature fairly young), naturally don’t meet the overall needs of the “new” enterprise.  This has resulted in virtual silos, which are complicated to navigate, time consuming to update, and overall cost IT too much to maintain.  The missing link to alleviate these burdens is a complementary form of vBPMS, with virtual data busses, virtual messaging, virtual publish/subscribe, etc., to allow enterprises to glue their “rented” IT together as well as they did in the past with their purchased IT.

Second, as enterprises gain agility and lower costs by moving to a virtual, extended, “rented” IT strategy, they are giving away   control of the process and opening the door for increased security issues.  There are plenty of security tools that replicate  controls of past IT environments, and are developed for the new virtualized world.  Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be enough.  In 2016 enterprises will need a new enterprise solution that addresses every facet of the new rented and virtual IT world to return security and control back to the enterprise.

Software-Defined Perimeter is a new approach to this problem, and it is what my company, Indecium does.  This approach overlays both the traditional IT infrastructure and the new to give enterprises complete control over who can connect to what, no matter where the applications are, where the users are, or what device they are using.  New solutions addressing the new virtual IT, including SDP, is my prediction as one of the key growth trends for 2016.

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