The auditing of your network and infrastructure hardware is critical to the overall security and governance of your organization.

IT Asset Audit Software That Works for You

Audit Planning

Keep your audit universe current, even as your business evolves. Prioritize audit work based on risk exposure, business objectives and audit committee requests.

Project Delivery

Enable audit staff to manage workpapers, findings and review notes with one-click navigation. Give managers a live view of project status and utilization.

Issue Management

Assign findings to business owners for response and resolution. Track mitigation and send auto-reminders to ensure that issues are properly addressed.

Real-Time Reporting

Communicate priorities, status and results to management, your audit committee and your board. Use executive dashboards to deliver intelligence, not just data.


Share information with other assurance functions, including SOX compliance, enterprise risk management, information security, quality control, etc.

Automated Workflow

Employ role-based dashboards, project queues and notifications to improve staff focus and efficiency. Route content to users based on status or result.

Audit Solutions

The Indecium Audit Solutions, Indecium Network Auditor for your network Infrastructure “INA" and Indecium System Auditor for your IT Assets “ISA", offer business intelligence around the IT assets they can discover and document on your behalf. These tools discover detail such as product information like IP address, make, model, serial number, installation date, use and power consumption. INA and ISA manage application dependencies, virtualization relationships and storage dependencies and much more.

These products are different from any other solution on the market today. INA and ISA are a model of CMDB meets IT Asset Management, which dovetails nicely into the service management focus that organizations need to ensure proper compliance, data governance and security within their infrastructure.

Unlike most IT Asset Management vendors, Indecium does not use an agent. At some point during an IT audit project the issue of agents will arise. That is, if we want to collect an accurate inventory of the assets on our network we will need to discuss how we collect the information required for each machine.

Using Existing Systems Management Tools

Some organizations might choose to harness their existing systems management tools to collect the data such as Microsoft SMS. This is a good shortcut since the infrastructure is already in place to collect the data required but commonly fails because the tool was not deployed with this in mind.

Typically,  audit data from such systems is either inaccurate, takes far too long to be generated or is not fit for purpose. This is often a political debate within an organization as much as technological one as people fight the cause of their respective tools.

Using Agents

When it comes to collecting data using a dedicated audit and inventory tool, the majority of inventory tool vendors have chosen to use agent technology. Whereby a central system monitors and collects the audit results from remote agents which are deployed on networked desktops, servers, laptops or any other networked device you wish to audit. The problem with this kind of solution, you MUST know where every asset is located. You MUST have the ability to provide specific details to load these agents. This is not reality in most medium to large size organizations. This is where Indecium INA and ISA will show it's strengths.

For Agents

  • Depth of Inventory – Using an agent can offer a ‘Deep-Dive’ in terms of depth of data if you know where your assets are. When you don't, this suffers greatly

  • Remote Machines – Agent driven vendors state that it makes more sense to deploy to a machine that only periodically connects to the network if you wish to maintain an accurate inventory. The problem is you cannot always control when a machine will be on the network.

  • Network Bandwidth – This will depend on the strength of your network connections and remote locations, but it is argued that is more network friendly to have an agent transmitting it’s audit results over the network

For Agentless

  • Less Political Hurdles – The main benefit of going the agentless route is that there are less political hurdles to leap in order to get the system deployed. Collecting asset information without installing additional software allows for easier acceptance by your IT teams and business users.

  • Less Change Management / Build Process Concerns  – Code is not being deployed to machines, no changes to builds are occurring so less overheads are required for the deployment.

  • Non Intrusive – Agents do not reside on the local machine and deployment commonly does not require administrative access to machines (a common hiccup in agent based deployment)

Indecium is an expert in Agentless Audit Solution offerings.

With our proprietary offering of Indecium Network Auditor and Indecium System Auditor, we can ensure you  have the best possible accuracy in your IT Asset audits.