Our Governance solutions are innovative data security platforms that specialize in creating software to manage, analyze and secure enterprise data.

Data Audit & Protection

The leader in data protection and file analysis

Ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, monitor use, alert on abuse.

Key Focus: permissions management  auditing  monitoring

Find and lockdown sensitive information

Quickly discover where sensitive information is exposed, prioritize vulnerable data, and lock it down without interrupting business.

Key Focus: classification discovery data at rest

User Behavior Analytics

Automatically detect suspicious and unwanted activity across disparate platforms through analytics and in real-time, helping you spot issues and prevent data breaches.

Key Focus: real-time alerting and threat detection

Least Privilege on Autopilot

Automatically repair and maintain file systems so that you’re less vulnerable to attacks, more compliant, and consistently meeting a least privileged access model

Key Focus: automatic remediation ACL repair least privilege

Perimeter Telemetry

Extend Your Data Security to the Edge: spot signs of attack at the perimeter with telemetry from VPN, DNS, and Web Proxies.

Key Focus: perimeter alerting edge telemetry threat detection

GDPR Data Discovery

Prepare your business for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with our solutions.

Key Focus: compliance GDPR classification

Data Access Governance

Self-Service Access Governance

Give business users the power to review and manage permissions without IT assistance and automatically enforce business rules.

Key Focus: identity governance entitlement reviews auth workflows

Enterprise File Sync & Share

Cloud enable your existing file shares

Sync and share all or part of your file share data in minutes on your own servers without moving data or making changes to your infrastructure—a secure, private Dropbox alternative.

Key Focus: byod efss private cloud

Enterprise Search & Discovery

Security minded enterprise search and discovery

Deliver relevant search results to the right people, making your business more productive and limiting the risk of exposing sensitive information.

Key Focus: google like ediscovery legal hold

Retention & Migration

Automate your data retention policies

Create rules to find and migrate, archive, or delete files based on content, age, file type, access activity, and more.

Key Focus: migration archiving auto-quarantine files