Our solutions are changing how modern day enterprises approach security in the increasingly untrusted and diverse IT landscape.

PrecisionAccess™ Enhances Protection while Reducing Complexity and Cost

  Advanced Protection 

  • Protected apps isolated from network-based attacks

  • Minimizes credential theft risks

  • Isolates compromised devices

Breadth of Enforcement

  • Internal, IaaS, SaaS apps isolated from untrusted users

  • Single layer of protection for secure enclaves

  • Any user, any device, anywhere

Future-Proof Economics

  • Low operating expenses; no capital expense

  • Pay-as-you-grow

  • Reduces costs of compliance and audits

Ease of Use

  • MFA is transparent to users

  • Single pane of glass management

  • Delivered as a managed service 

Control Privileged Access with Built-in Request and Approval Workflows

Enable controlled, incident-based access to privileged account credentials

Require workflow-based management approvals for checkouts, privileged sessions or role assignments that enable privilege elevation

Automatically limit the duration for which approvals are valid

Monitor privileged access in real-time with the ability to terminate remote sessions

Ensure accountability by reporting on who has access and who granted that access

Enable Secure and Seamless Access from Only Trusted Identities and Trusted Devices

Combine device posture with access policy for next-dimension, context-based security

Ensure your data and assets are accessible from trusted users and endpoints

Leverage user behavior, machine learning and policies to pinpoint anomalous authentication activity while challenging with MFA or blocking access in real-time

Optimize end user productivity with contextual controls focused on the user, location, device and application